Delighting The World With Flavors From Our Farms


The Apple Everybody Loves.

Modi apple is a new red apple that is a natural cross between a Gala and Liberty apple.


What do we mean when we say, we want to delight the world with flavors from our farms? It’s simple really. We want you to know where they came from. The secret ingredients we use and the people behind our farms; to bring you those flavors.


Professionals Delivering Excellence

innovation, Experience and Dedicated To Deliver

Management and Sales

Loren Maltbie

Loren has been with the company since the beginning in 2000, heads up our inventories and customer management programs along with all transportation procurement. Derrell and Loren have worked together since August of 1995. Loren is a graduate of Oregon State University and has worked in the Produce Business since his College days at General Produce in Sacramento.

Derrell Kelso

Derrell has been selling onions every day since 1987 and is responsible for the day to day management at Onions Etc along with sales and marketing. Derrell graduated from Fresno State with a degree in Agribusiness.

Bob Freeman

Bob started with us in 2019 and has been selling produce 32 years. He has tremendous knowledge and connections in the produce industry and we are excited he is on board with our team. Bob graduated frm Fresno State with a degree in Agribusiness.

Compliance / Accounting / Operations

Mike Moser

Mike started with us in 2017 an is our AP – AR Administrative assistant.

Cesar Salazar

In 2008 at the age of 18 Cesar started  on our packing crew dumping onions, running machines, driving forklifts and taking care of customers’ orders. Today,
he runs and manages operations. He leads our culture of professionals who take pride
in all they do. Cesar also manages Food Safety


Meet Your Packing Crew​

like a 5-Star Chef, everything is packed to order.


Maintenance Department

Tony Murguia -Chris Soto - Gustavo Soto

These three men are engineers. We are in the midst of expansion and these three men are doing a lot of the building. They are the reason we have great machinery that runs well and why your orders are ready on time. They make sure the little things are taken care of, for instance, they have engineered a vacuum system that vacuums all the skins so you get a clean well-presented bag every time.


Shipping & Receiving

Luis Perez started work here in 2003. He gets the job done and on time, anytime. He treats every truck driver as a customer, brings a great attitude along with a smile to work every day. Never complains always values truckers. Luis knows, without your drivers none of us can survive. Everyone knows and loves Luis, the hard working one.


The Pristine Appellation
of Northern California

Where beauty, flavor and shelf life are born and raised

Our Farm

Spring, Summer and Fall onion supplies are born and raised from our beautiful 1800 acre ranch on Grand Island.

Rich Onion Soil

Brought to us by our water over thousands of years, rich sandy loam, heavy in organic matter.

Clean Safe Water

Today’s irrigation water is yesterday’s Sierra Mountains snow. Pristine, clean and fresh.

Warm Days

Our warm days and cool nights provide perfection.


Category management Team

Experienced Category Management Team Develop and Grow you Onion Category.

Kitchen Counter Merchandising

Shopping list, increasing incremental sales and impulse purchases.
onions-etc-productGallery – 5

Sleeve Pack Program

Merchandise to Perfection, increase sales up to 15%, decreased in store work, clean display, turns the display from a pile to a stack.

4 Pk. Multi Variety

Organic Program

A year round program

Locally Grown Program

May - October for California Retailers

Locally-Grown-program – 2
Locally-Grown-program – 1

Basic Retail Program

The people behind our flavors

JJB Family Farms

Derrell Kelso (20 years)
Sales and Marketing

Loren Maltbie (20 years)
Purchasing and Sales

Bob Freeman
Director of Sales

Cesar Salazar (10 years)
Director of Operations
Oversees operations and our
food safety programs.

Mike Moser (3 years)
Pushes the paper downhill

Tony “The Miracle Man” Murguia (10 years)
Our engineer, maintenance, and machine builder.

Leonel Lopez (15 years) and Chris Soto (12 years)
Our crew bosses. They pack every order knowing who it is and who they’re packing for.

Erica Salazar (13 years)
Quality control knows how you like the products packed.

Luis Perez (16 years)
Makes sure it gets loaded the way you ordered it.

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